Internet Hotshots

Founded by Randy Cassingham

The Internet Hotshots is a Mastermind group of Internet entrepreneurs, founded by pioneering online publisher Randy Cassingham on March 1, 1999. No matter what your online field, you would very likely recognize many of the members’ names.

There Are Two Levels of Membership: “full” membership for full-time, successful online entrepreneurs, and “start-up” for those in transition from a day job to an online entrepreneur, and maybe need a little mentoring from others who are already there.

Full Membership

You are likely successful because you’re a “jack of all trades,” but no one knows everything, and you could well be leaving significant success on the table because you haven’t thought of how X technology, Y methodology, or Z monetization technique might apply to your business. Full members are leaders in their fields — experts in Internet marketing, online publishing, how-to, and much more. The point: they have thought of things you haven’t — and you have thought of things they haven’t. By getting together and sharing what works, we all benefit.

In addition to an active email discussion list, we also have face-to-face meetings for “high bandwidth” interaction at various locations around North America. These sessions are incredibly intense strategic and tactical meetings where members not only reveal the how-tos and what-fors of online business, but show other members the particulars. Most members come away from these meetings incredibly inspired and sure that they’ve taken away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of value from the conferences.

Start-Up Membership

If you’re not yet a full-time entrepreneur who makes most of your earned income online — but would like to be — wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of successful full-time online entrepreneurs where you can safely ask questions? Then the Start-Up membership is for you.

Current full membership dues are $1,200, which includes your first conference fee, and dues through the end of 2019. Start-Up membership is $100 for six months, and you’re welcome to attend any conferences scheduled during that time. (Conference registration is typically less than $500.)

After six months, we mutually decide whether you should move to full membership, do another six-month term, or head our separate ways.

Next Steps

Hotshots is unlike most groups which center around a niche “guru” (with often five-figure annual “dues” costs charged for the “honor” of access to that guru). Here, all members are peers; no one, including the founder, is considered “the” group guru.

If you were invited to join, congratulations: that’s a significant accomplishment by itself. Click this link for the application page.

Note regarding couples/business partners in the same business: your partner should join the same time as you, and gets half-off the fee.